Website Launch for The Abundant Bohemian

Boyle & Dalton author Joe Downing just launched a cool new author website! Check it out cover with borderhere:

Joe’s website design and development was completed by Columbus Publishing Lab.

Downing’s new website is a platform where he can  share blog posts and updates with his readers, as well as spread the word about his book, The Abundant Bohemian.  Although Downing’s book was released less than six months ago, it’s already garnering fantastic reviews from readers.

“This book will open your mind to some creative ideas. Many of the ideas may have crossed our minds before but we are accustomed to dismissing anything that does not fit within our comfort zone. I finally found a book that put my thoughts on paper and even expanded on them.” reviewer

Downing’s book is a guide to practically living the type of unconventional, freeing lifestyle most of us only dream about. Drawing from his own experiences, as well as those of some famous Bohemians, Downing provides his readers with one-of-a-kind insight into living a more fulfilling life.

The research for this book was so life-changing that if I had to burn the manuscript when finished I still would have written it.

-Joe Downing

Learn more about The Abundant Bohemian and Joe Downing at

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