The Black Lens — In the News

It’s only been a few months since the release of The Black Lens — Christopher Stollar’s black_lens_front_covernovel of sex trafficking in rural America — but reviews are already pouring in. From parents and educators, to sex trafficking survivors and activists, those who have read The Black Lens are spreading the word:

This is a book you won’t soon forget.

Find a copy of The Black Lens for yourself here, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore. 

In case you’re out of the loop, we’ve collected some of the most recent news stories and write-ups about The Black Lens and the work Christopher is doing to fight sex trafficking.

Find the feature story from This Week News on The Black Lens by clicking here: “Novel all too real for trafficking victims”

“‘The characters in the book were so realistic,’ said Theresa Flores, another survivor of human trafficking and the founder of the nonprofit awareness organization Traffic Free. ‘I was just amazed that he (Stollar) would take the time to interview so many people to get it right. The point of his book, and for many of us, is this could happen to anyone. Nobody is exempt from this happening.'”

Read the Columbus Underground book review of The Black Lens by clicking here: “Book Review: The Black Lens Captures Hidden Reality of Domestic Sex Trade”

“The Black Lens is clearly the work of a journalist. It exists to inform and disrupt, and it succeeds. Stollar researched sex trafficking for more than three years to write The Black Lens, conducting interviews with survivors and experts.

“There is no attempt to sugar coat the life of abuse lead by those forced into the sex labor industry. But beyond graphic scenarios and adult language, The Black Lens is a mirror for the casual reader.”

Check out a post by the author highlighting a special review from one survivor of sex trafficking: “The Black Lens: Survivor Recommended” 

“…my concern of this book adding to those misconceptions diminished more and more as I read. This book is not only an engaging page turner but also accurately portrays how some young girls get pulled into this horrific life. I highly recommend this book.”

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