The Abundant Bohemian: Reviews Are In!

We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of Joe Downing’s fantastic non-fiction book,cover with border The Abundant Bohemian. This book provides the philosophical paradigm and practical tools you need to escape the slog of corporate culture and find the better life that’s calling to each of us.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these selected reviews from other readers, and then pick up your own copy of The Abundant Bohemian here.

“Three cheers for The Abundant Bohemian by Joseph Downing. Designed to inspire greatness in everyone who reads it, this book is full of wisdom, insight and DIY suggestions about living a life of interest — one we are proud to call our own. Real life Bohemians are interviewed and studied in detail to provide us with examples to prove that a life we love isn’t just possible, its doable starting right now.”

–Amazon reviewer

“While finding a way to chase one’s muse and still pay the bills can be difficult, the determined do whatever it takes to live the life they love and love the life they live. Joseph Downing falls into the latter category, and his new book serves as a clarion call for like-minded individuals.”

–Rusty Pate, Dayton City Paper

“The title of the book really caught my eye but it only took a few pages to capture my soul. I loved this book! I rarely give 5 stars but there was just something about this inspiring and entertaining book that really hit home with me… My only complaint was I ran out of pages before I was ready.”

–Goodreads reviewer

“Joe Downing has lit the path for all of us who know that a better, more abundant life is possible. An informative, inspiring read!”

–Amazon reviewer

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