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New Decade, New Projects: A Boyle & Dalton Update

It’s a new decade, and we’re hard at work at Balton & Doyle to publish a host of books over the next few months. We have multiple titles in the works, and we’re excited to share them with the world! Untitled Project by Beth Tremaglio Beth Tremaglio’s new chapbook focuses on the grittiness of real-life, drugs, and the blue-collar streets of New England. Pushing political and spiritual boundaries, Beth Tremaglio tackles the universal question of how to reconcile the broken and the whole in a society filled with both. Darkwater by Michael Scholtes Darkwater is a memoir that offers a window into Michael’s struggle with major depression while working as a Lutheran pastor. Michael tries to reconcile the realities of mental illness and dealing with thoughts of suicide¬†with his role in the¬†religious community. Sunday Elm by Reina Cruz Sunday Elm is a paranormal thriller that follows the titular character after her father passes away. Sunday has the Sight like her father, an ability to see creatures from another universe, which she has kept hidden for years. But when she discovers a society of people with the Sight and that they are being murdered in her small Arizona town, she can’t go back to hiding her gift anymore. Sunday Elm is a book about battling your inner demons and actual demons. More Titles Coming Soon We have more titles coming in the first half of the year, including books from Mark Symns, J.G. Cully, George Tyler, and Elle Mott.
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