Publishing Announcement: Ours Is the Storm

We are pleased to announce that Boyle & Dalton will be publishing D. Thourson Palmer’s debut fantasy novel, Ours Is the Storm.

As with all Boyle & Dalton books, Ours Is the Storm was vetted for quality of content and marketability.This novel was selected because of its exemplary promise to excel within its genre. All books accepted by Boyle & Dalton undergo a complete production process, just as if they were accepted and published by a traditional publisher.

Learn more about Boyle & Dalton’s publication process here.

Revik knows he is a savior. He knows he will never be defeated. He knows he is fighting for good. Everything Revik Lasivar knows is a lie.

-Ours Is the Storm, (Boyle & Dalton, 2015)

Upon release, the book will be distributed nationally in paperback form, as well as available on all major e-book markets. The book is slated for release in early January, 2015. More details involving the release, including a cover reveal, will be publicized as production continues.

Boyle & Dalton is currently accepting manuscripts for consideration. Find more information about our submission process here.