Publishing Announcement: Christopher Sumlin

We’re ecstatic to announce that Boyle & Dalton will be publishing Christopher Sumlin’s third book, Halfway Thru’ My 20s: Stories and Lessons for Young Adults. This book follows Christopher’s first two books: Dealing with This Thing Called Life (2016) and Dealing with This Thing Called College (2018). Chris’s books have been used in schools as teaching tools by educators and sought out by young people everywhere trying to forge their own way.

Christopher Sumlin is a writer, speaker, occasional viral Twitter star, celebrity magnet, and inspirational creative force. He graduated from the historic Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in Cinema, Television and Emerging Media Studies. Chris earned his third college degree, a Masters of Science in Television, from Boston University.

Chris is a man of faith who leads his life in contrast to the everyday slog of thankless work that society pushes young people toward. This philosophy isn’t just an empty mantra. Chris was so committed to furthering his writing career that he left his job at the Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles to dedicate himself to writing full time.

“Young people are told over and over again that they have no wisdom to contribute to the world until they’re older. Chris Sumlin’s books prove otherwise, and the relateable stories he tells are filling a need for self-help books that can reach and inspire young people by speaking to them peer-to-peer.”

—Boyle & Dalton CEO, Emily Hitchcock

Halfway Thru’ My 20s is a collection of personal essays and blogs. Each chapter draws from Chris’s experiences during that in between time after college when the expectation of success is high, but resources can be hard to come by. Topics covered include finding and holding onto motivation, peer relationships, landing a cool job and knowing when to move on, fighting burnout, and more actionable, real-life lessons.

“There are funny moments, lots of advice, and even a little Beyoncé. I had fun curating my stories, and my heart’s desire is that this collection adds value to the lives of my readers—that you learn something from each page.”

Look for Halfway Thru’ My 20s in late summer 2020. In the meantime, you can keep up with Chris on his website, Facebook, or Twitter feed.


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