Praise for Sister of Saidnaya

Book bloggers and reviewers are raving about Sister of Saidnaya by Rose Ann Kalister. Based on the author’s experiences as the child of Syrian immigrants, this book immerses readers in the immigrant experience through the biting wit and tenacity of protagonist Nadra.

In 1922, a young Nadra traveled by boat from the small Christian village of Saidnaya, Syria, to the ports of Boston, and on to Hedley, West Virginia. With little education, Nadra navigates an industrialized nation as a young, immigrant woman. She must delicately balance the expectations of her heritage with the temptation of independence in the new world.

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I found Sister of Saidnaya to be quite fresh and original, and the doses of irreverence sprinkled at various points in the book made it even more entertaining…Sister of Saidnaya deals with cultural issues like family, religion, marriage and societal expectations of women.

Readers who love learning about new cultures will definitely enjoy this book as the author incorporated quite a number of words from the Syrian language and made references to Syrian food as well.

Recommended, especially for lovers of historical novels.

–Book of the week on Lauretta’s Book Blog

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The novel weaves historical facts with the story of Nadra in an engaging manner. The story is one of a kind and highly innovative… The novel weaves themes of immigration, naturalization and the challenges of building new lives in foreign lands.

– review

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Haunting, riveting and easy to read. Nadra has such a strong voice and the plot moves swiftly back and forth. It is easy to read and a real page-turner. The subject content is particularly relevant in today’s political climate. A highly recommended read indeed!

–Sreevarsha Sreejith, NetGalley Publisher Member

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