PR: “The Abundant Bohemian” National Release


Nov. 24, 2014

Boyle & Dalton Releases The Abundant Bohemian by Joseph Downing

Columbus, OH — Boyle & Dalton, a publisher of exceptional fiction and non-fiction, has released Joseph Downing’s debut book: The Abundant Bohemian, to all major paperback and e-book markets.

Drawing from the inspirational stories of artists, writers, entrepreneurs and other nonconformists, both well-known and living quietly next door, Downing provides the philosophical paradigm and practical tools to live a more inspired life. Downing extols the benefits of working less, while still making a living, and finding time for the simple pleasures life affords us.

Ed Davis, author of The Psalms of Israel Jones, praises: “The Abundant Bohemian is a highly-readable, entertaining book, one you’ll return to again and again, recommend to friends and keep by your bedside, in your backpack or briefcase for the rest of your life.”

The Abundant Bohemian is distributed in paperback form nationally, and is available for download on all major e-reader devices.

Boyle & Dalton is a hybrid publisher based in Columbus, Ohio. They vet all submissions for quality prior to publishing in order to uphold the high standard of the Boyle & Dalton brand.

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