PR: “Sister of Saidnaya” National Release


Jan. 10, 2018

Boyle & Dalton Releases Sister of Saidnaya by Rose Ann Kalister

Zanesville, OH — Boyle & Dalton, publisher of exceptional fiction and non-fiction, has released Rose Ann Kalister’s debut novel: Sister of Saidnaya: A Syrian Immigrant’s Tale to all major paperback and e-book markets.

In 1921, a young Nadra Zahir traveled by boat from the small Christian village of Saidnaya, Syria, to the ports of Boston, and on to Hedley, West Virginia. With little education, Nadra navigates an industrialized nation as a fierce immigrant woman, her potential torn between the expectations of her heritage, and the temptation of independence in the new world.

This book is an eye-opening read for anyone following current events. Nadra’s experiences immerse us in the immigrant experience, her biting wit and tenacity revealing more than a plethora of detached news reports.

Rosalie Ungar, author of In a Heartbeat, praises: “Rose Ann Kalister captures the history of Middle Eastern immigrants in the early 1920s, building a Syrian family saga into a dramatic and delightful story. Sister of Saidnaya portrays Nadra’s hopes and courage in the frequently hostile and often comical world of family and in-laws. I highly recommend this book.”

Sister of Saidnaya is distributed in paperback form nationally, and is available for download on all major e-reader devices.

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