We’re so happy to announce that we’ve signed S.F. Hayes to the Boyle & Dalton cadre of authors! S.F. Hayes is the author of The Red Concerto, to be released spring of 2024.

About The Red Concerto

Charlie Emerson’s multimedia company is tanking. To save it, he’s conceived a new reality show: the story of a music industry prince who marries a struggling musician. Charlie casts himself as the star, and he goes on the hunt for a fake bride to boost ratings and save his business empire.

Alex is a street vendor and musician who has spent her life trying to blend in. While she makes herself as quietly inconspicuous as possible on the outside, inside, Alex is filled with color and music, as synesthesia informs her magnum opus, the Red Concerto.

When Charlie notices Alex and asks her to be on his show, his proposal is counter to the intensely private way she’s lived for so long. But the promise of production for the Red Concerto outweighs Alex’s mistrust of Charlie, and she agrees.

As the Red Concerto nears premiere, Charlie’s bitterness over his own failed ambitions compels him to dig deeper into Alex’s past, uncovering childhood secrets that threaten her music, her identity, and her life.

About S.F. Hayes

S.F. Hayes has made a living doing many things: sticking electrodes into insect brains, performing surgery on frogs, consulting on railroads, and teaching aerobics. But she was always one of those kids who was endlessly reading and writing and finally made it back to those passions (after having two kids). These days she can be found writing in New York City cafes, parks, and subway cars. 

She holds a PhD in biology from Caltech and undergraduate degrees in molecular biology and philosophy from UC Berkeley. She lives in the city with her husband, two kids, and one ambivalent cat.

Learn more about S.F. Hayes at her website here.

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