Elmer’s Tribal War, Now Available Worldwide

Elmer’s Tribal War by Richard Alumbaugh is now available in print and digital editions from retailers worldwide.

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Two shots split the darkness. A firefight turns deadly.

Tensions between tribal police and Elmer McGinnis escalated to a point that a beam of light appeared to trigger a tragic firefight. Elmer’s Tribal War is a factual account of events that took place in the early morning hours of August 27, 1986. Questions remain as to who was responsible for the death of a tribal officer and the wounding of his partner. 

After retirement as a professor of psychology in‌ 2002,‌ Richard‌ Alumbaugh‌ came‌ upon‌ a‌ file‌ box from a murder case heard by his deceased wife,‌ Jo‌Anne.‌ Subsequent‌ years‌ spent‌ investigating the backgrounds of the accused and the state’s evidence left unanswered questions as to the guilt and innocence of the father and son who were Colville enrollees. The author currently enjoys the sunshine of Arizona during colder months, biking and playing tennis, somehow under the delusional impression he is faster and hits the ball more accurately with age.

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