COVER RELEASE: An Inconvenient Herd by John Wiley

John Wiley An Inconvenient Herd

We are pleased to release the cover of John Wiley’s amazing book, An Inconvenient Herd.

Someone lets Farmers cows out. Fueled by idealism and curiosity, the herd follows a bike path into the big city, chasing a dream of a new way of life. The good-natured cattle make lots of friends, but life in town is complicated. They encounter religion, local politics, and manicured lawns. Meanwhile, Farmer is frantically searching for the wayward cows, racing to save them from the perils of celebrity and the urban machine before it’s too late.

“We’re roamers. In our dreams we’re always on the move, moseying here and there. It’s because of the way we are that people had to invent fences in the first place.” -Number 74

Look for this comical, thought-provoking novel from retailers worldwide on August 18, 2018!