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We have three titles that will drop to retailers worldwide in the next three weeks. We’re excited to share these titles with the world!

French Leave by Francois Bartram

French Leave by Francoise Bartram

This cozy mystery follows Claire, a spunky but bored ghostwriter living in a small city in Ohio.

First Claire finds cryptic messages written in a foreign language she doesn’t recognize.  Then a mysterious package arrives. When her estranged French aunt shows up on her doorstep only to suddenly disappear again, Claire’s world begins to dissolve.

Amidst her self-obsessed boss, a mysterious oil tycoon, nosy neighbors, and an active police investigation, something strange is happening in town and Claire is stuck in the middle of it.

Available everywhere July 31!

Out of Chaos by Elle MottOut of Chaos by Elle Mott

A harrowing true story of choices and consequences.

As a teenager, Elle Mott descended into hopelessness. Her life as a criminal and a vagrant led her deeper into the darkness. Balancing multiple identities, the more secrets she kept, the more lies she needed.

She sheds personas, rebelling against who she was and who she’s becoming, but thousands of hitchhiked miles can’t distance her from the crushing expectations of her great-grandmother’s legacy.

Until she surrenders to herself, she will never find her way out of chaos.

Available worldwide on August 9!

John Wiley An Inconvenient HerdAn Inconvenient Herd by John Wiley

Someone lets Farmers cows out. Fueled by idealism and curiosity, the herd follows a bike path into the big city, chasing a dream of a new way of life. The good-natured cattle make lots of friends, but life in town is complicated. They encounter religion, local politics, and manicured lawns. Meanwhile, Farmer is frantically searching for the wayward cows, racing to save them from the perils of celebrity and the urban machine before it’s too late.

This laugh-out-loud comedy will leave you reconsidering your next steak dinner! Available from retailers everywhere on August 18!

More Titles Coming Soon

We have more titles coming this fall, including books from Daniel Amedee, Richard Alumbaugh, Tobin Marks and R.K. Blessing. Stay tuned!

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