Coming Soon from Boyle & Dalton – Summer 2018

We’re anticipating the release of these five titles over the coming summer months.  Look for additional details and covers to be released soon!

The Adventures of Annie & Ellie-BellyThe Adventures of Annie & Ellie-Belly
Shirley Swindle
May 30, 2018

Sticky drinking glasses full of stolen sugar.
Blueberries plunking into tin buckets.
A disastrous recipe to cure freckles.

While their family follows work from country tobacco fields to city mills, Annie and Ellie chase adventure and always find mischief. Even as their family struggles through the Great Depression, these two young sisters show us that imagination, spunk, and a little faith will guide us through any trouble we may find.

Out of Chaos
Elle Mott
August, 2018

The harrowing true-story of the author’s descent into a life of crime, and her rise from homelessness to stability. Look for additional details soon.


French Leave
Francoise Bartram
Release date to be determined.

When Claire’s long-lost French relatives show up on her doorstep under mysterious circumstances, she finds herself ensnared in a plot with international implications. A cozy mystery. Look for additional details soon.


Human World
Daniel Amedee
Release date to be determined.

Seven strangers find themselves alone in a mysterious world of white cliffs. Together, they must piece together the origins and demise of the Earth they’ve left behind, and for what intent they’ve been imprisoned. Science fiction/metaphysical. Look for additional details soon.


Elmer’s Tribal War
Richard Alumbaugh
Release date to be determined.

A true-crime account of Elmer McGinnis and Patrick Hoffman’s trial for the deaths of two tribal police officers in Washington. Twisted loyalties, circumstantial evidence and suspicious practices of the Bureau of Indian Affairs litter this engaging, well-researched manuscript. Look for additional details soon.