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COVER RELEASE — The Design and Construction of the Nautilus by Demetri Capetanopoulos

We’re thrilled to present the cover of Demetri Capetanopoulos’s fantastical book, The Design and Construction of the Nautilus.

Is there anyone, of any age, who has read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and not sketched their vision of the Nautilus in their imagination or down on paper? For 150 years, the submarine created by Jules Verne has captivated readers and inspired countless interpretations.

Jules Verne was meticulous about incorporating cutting-edge technology of his time and making reasonable extrapolations. The Design and Construction of the Nautilus takes Jules Verne’s in-text descriptions, paired with extensive research on the technology of the time in which Verne’s iconic book was written, and presents detailed construction plans, design notes, and operational theories based on modern submarine technologies.

The Nautilus is more than just a 19th-century mechanical marvel. She has always represented the ultimate technological triumph over nature, a symbol of mankind’s mastery of our domain, and the human desire to explore the unknown.

“Captain Capetanopoulos invites the reader to an exciting dive in the fantastic world of Jules Verne. A world in which, page after page, fiction gives way to reality… Reading it will enthrall all those who love the undersea world. A book to put in the hands of all the passionate Jules Verne submariners.”

Bernard Micaelli, Submarine Design Architect, FRANCE

The Design and Construction of the Nautilus is available for pre-order now! Click here to secure your copy, or ask for it wherever books are sold on October 13, 2018.

COVER RELEASE: An Inconvenient Herd by John Wiley

John Wiley An Inconvenient Herd

We are pleased to release the cover of John Wiley’s amazing book, An Inconvenient Herd.

Someone lets Farmers cows out. Fueled by idealism and curiosity, the herd follows a bike path into the big city, chasing a dream of a new way of life. The good-natured cattle make lots of friends, but life in town is complicated. They encounter religion, local politics, and manicured lawns. Meanwhile, Farmer is frantically searching for the wayward cows, racing to save them from the perils of celebrity and the urban machine before it’s too late.

“We’re roamers. In our dreams we’re always on the move, moseying here and there. It’s because of the way we are that people had to invent fences in the first place.” -Number 74

Look for this comical, thought-provoking novel from retailers worldwide on August 18, 2018!

Cover Release: French Leave by Francois Bartram

French Leave by Francois Bartram

French Leave, a cozy mystery, is due for release this summer!

First Claire finds cryptic messages written in a foreign language she doesn’t recognize.  Then a mysterious package arrives. When her estranged French aunt shows up on her doorstep only to suddenly disappear again, Claire’s world begins to dissolve.

Amidst her self-obsessed boss, a mysterious oil tycoon, nosy neighbors, and an active police investigation, something strange is happening in town and Claire is stuck in the middle of it.

Here’s what some of our advance readers had to say:

“French Leave builds an original plot filled with twists and turns and laugh-out-loud humor. A good read that I highly recommend.”
– Rosalie Linver Ungar, Author of In a Heartbeat

 “A maelstrom of twists, turns, and surprises that leave the reader (and Claire, the heroine) guessing until the end…a must-read.”
– Rose Ann Kalister, Author of Sister of Saidnaya

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COVER REVEAL: The Adventures of Annie & Ellie-Belly

The Adventures of Annie & Ellie-Belly

Sticky drinking glasses full of stolen sugar.
Blueberries plunking into tin buckets.
A disastrous recipe to cure freckles.
While their family follows work from country tobacco fields to city mills, Annie and Ellie chase adventure and always find mischief.  Even as their family struggles through the Great Depression, these two young sisters show us that imagination, spunk, and a little faith will guide us through any trouble we may find.
The Adventures of Annie and Ellie-Belly by Shirley Swindle will be available from all major markets in print and digital editions on May 30.