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BOOK RELEASE: The Beast Keepers

Happy release day to Julie Fudge Smith, author of The Beast Keepers!

The Beast Keepers is available everywhere as a paperback and e-book. Find it here, or request it at your favorite local bookstore.

We’ve been taken with the premise of this book from the moment we met Julie. Think C.S. Lewis meets James Herriot!

Jonathan F. St. Roche, a young veterinarian jaded by the wealthy horse world, answers an ad for a job as a small-town veterinarian in rural Carrollton, Ohio. Once there, he soon discovers the town is a safe haven for a menagerie of mythical creatures (including a pregnant pegasus, a flying monkey with a sprained wing, a centaur with Cushing’s disease, and a unicorn with a sweet tooth) who rely on him for their medical care and shelter from the outside world. When a deadly basilisk threatens the town, Jonathan and his new friends must balance the dangerous creature’s needs against the grave risk to the community.

“With a cast of beastly characters, this is a playful consideration of what kindness to animals really means. Fun, inventive, and charming, The Beast Keepers is a delight for animal lovers. I loved it!”

—Zazie Todd, PhD, author of Wag and Purr

“If you love the bond between animals and their guardians, you’re going to love this book. Not only do you meet some fun domestic animals, but you’ll also be captivated by the mythical creatures. A thoroughly enjoyable, well-written story. As a dog trainer, I especially enjoyed the sections about how animals think and learn! Well done!”

—Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA, Co-founder, The Dog Gurus, former president of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers

About the Author

Julie Smith is a writer and an extensively credentialed Certified Professional Dog Trainer living in Galena, Ohio. The idea for The Beast Keepers was born from a visit to the vet:

Several years ago while I waited with my flat-coated retriever Mr. Bingley at the holistic vet for a chiropractic adjustment, I studied the poster showing the acupuncture points for dogs. I wondered if animals such as turtles, frogs, snakes, porcupines, etc., had acupuncture points as well.

While the vet worked on Bingley, I asked him whether he learned acupuncture for animals besides dogs, cats, horses, etc. He replied that there were classes for “other” animals. Although I think he probably meant animals such as goats or sheep, there was something about the way he said “other” that caused me to think:

“You meant griffins? Centaurs? Fauns?” Showing a modicum of restraint, I did not ask that aloud. I did, however, spend the remainder of the day contemplating how you would treat medical issues in mythological animals. If a griffin had a lung infection, would you be treating bird lungs or mammalian lungs? Can centaurs get gout, and if so, how would it manifest? Can unicorns get laminitis?

Thus was born the idea of The Beast Keepers, an adult literary novel with a twist.


BOOK RELEASE: Finding the Place Where Everything Lives

Happy book release day to Andy Kalan, author of Finding the Place Where Everything Lives!

Finding the Place Where Everything Lives is available here as a paperback, hardback, and e-book.

Daniel and Claire Morrow are newlyweds with different pasts–Daniel lived a life of privilege while Claire was born into poverty. But yet, they fell in love. When they move to Manhattan from their Midwestern college in the days leading up to the Great Recession, the disparities in their background become more prevalent. Daniel struggles to succeed in the financial arena as the economy implodes, and Claire questions her ambitions as a dancer. As the foundation of their marriage and the romanticized ideas they brought to the city erode under the pressure, they’re forced to question who they are becoming, both as individuals and to each other.


She took my hand, leading me out from the cover and onto the ground. I lay beside her as the flakes tumbled down, piling up around the outline of our bodies.

“If you could give one line to the world,” she said, “what would it be?”

“I don’t know. That’s a hard question.”

“Come on, if someone handed you a megaphone, and it could reach every person in the world, what would you say?”

My mind was blank. I hadn’t ever been asked that before.

On the other side of the street, her friends had emerged from the car. Some of them danced and spun around aimlessly while others threw handfuls of snowy powder into the air.

“You know what I would say,” she said. “I would say that when you love people, you make them human. I once heard Maya Angelou say that forgiveness restores humanity. It breathes life back into what is damaged. That’s what I’d want the whole world to know: how to love.”

The snow continued to fall, but it seemed to be gentler as it kissed our faces and the ground next to us. I closed my eyes and thought about her question. I couldn’t stop thinking about her friends and how unbridled they were in their enjoyment of the snow. And that’s when it hit me. I said, “I think I would say that we were meant to be free.”

She turned her head toward me.

“I like that,” she whispered, “I like that a lot.”


ANDY KALAN was born in upstate New York, grew up in the Midwest, and returned to New York with his wife and two kids. His work has been published in a handful of local publications. This is his debut novel.

Learn more about Andy here:

BOOK RELEASE: The Return of Jason Foxx

It’s release day for The Return of Jason Foxx by Kevin Lavey!

Nab your copy of The Return of Jason Foxx here!



He wants to get his damaged brother, Brian, back on his feet. He wants to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend Adele and be a dad to her son, Stephen. And after nine years of teaching, he wants at last to set aside his own traumas-his imprisoned conman father, a mother who abandoned the family years before she died-and become a principal at a high school for troubled kids. Kids he can save, like his teachers saved him.

But things don’t always work out the way you want.

When his observation lesson is sabotaged by Mr. Rastik, a fellow teacher with his own agenda, Jason finds his plans slipping from his grasp. With a number of teachers due to be excessed next year, Rastik is ruthless, ready to do whatever it takes-manipulation, even blackmail-to keep himself at Central South High School.

Then there’s Jason’s father, locked away in West Virginia, holding onto the power of attorney Jason needs should something go wrong with Brian. He’ll give it up, he says, if Jason will fl y to Florida into a life he never knew his father lived.

If Jason is to build the home he wants with Adele and Stephen–if he’s to maneuver past Rastik’s machinations and at last step out from the shadow of childhood–he’ll need to understand that things are not always as they seem. Maybe he’s not the only one struggling. He’s not the only one growing. And whether brother, son, father, partner, principal, or teacher, he still has quite a lot to learn.

Praise for The Return of Jason Foxx

What William Kennedy did for Albany, Kevin Lavey is doing for Baltimore. Mr. Lavey’s characters are not the down-and-out denizens that Kennedy serves up, but they are no less searching in their attempt to bring meaning to their troubled lives. The Return of Jason Foxx is a marvelous tale, and spiritual, that points us toward a path of success that comes through compassion, education, persistence, and self-awareness. May Mr. Lavey continue to reveal his immense talent to the world. Baltimore has fostered another writer of significance. —T J EDWARDS, TWO-TIME HELEN HAYES AWARD-WINNING PLAYWRIGHT AND FOUNDER OF THE WASHINGTON SHAKESPEARE COMPANY

Jason Foxx reveals the hidden details of all the small tragedies and victories that are real life in education. Any teacher will recognize the satire and hilarity of the school scenes depicted. —JENNIFER M., VETERAN PUBLIC EDUCATION TEACHER

Dedicated social studies teacher Jason Foxx is beleaguered by a reckless brother, unknown saboteurs inside of his school plotting his demise, and a fragile romance that seems impossible for him to enjoy, given the odds. Lavey’s writing elevates the machinations of Foxx’s complicated life into Shakespearian tragicomedy. His writing is distinguished by economy of expression, insightful probing into the human psyche, and deft touches of refreshing humor. —KIM ZANTI, CREATIVITY SPECIALIST


Kevin Lavey is the author of Rat and numerous short stories published in literary magazines. He has been recognized for his writing including awards from the Maryland Writers Association and the Maryland State Arts Council.

He began his lifelong love of writing while at Wayne State University and the University of Michigan. Now a retired teacher from Baltimore County Public Schools, he has other novels and short stories in the works.

He is inspired to write stories that help him make sense of the world. He believes writing provides a singular way to explore what it means to be a human being. As a writer, he finds resonance in a judgment from the I Ching, “Perseverance Furthers.” Write with enough devotion and authenticity and you just might get to the heart of things.

He taught in Baltimore City public schools for ten years and in an alternative school in Baltimore County for fourteen years, during which time he became a national board-certified English teacher. 

He is a trained mediator and a practitioner of that elusive martial art, aikido.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan, a Master’s of Arts in Reading from Towson University, and a Master’s of Arts in Leadership in Teaching from Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Learn more about Kevin here:

BOOK RELEASE: Let Your Heart Be Broken

Happiest of release days to Tina Davidson, author of Let Your Heart Be Broken: Life and Music from a Classical Composer.

Tina Davidson is three-and-a-half when she is adopted from her foster home in Sweden by a visiting American professor. Soon she is the oldest of five children, living with her mother and stepfather in Turkey, Germany, and Israel. She studies music and becomes a prolific pianist and composer. But something about her birth remains unnamed and hidden. When she returns to Sweden, she contacts the Swedish adoption agency. “Come,” says the voice on the phone, “I have information for you.”

In Let Your Heart Be Broken, Tina Davidson juxtaposes memories, journal entries, and insight into the life of an artist and a mother-at work. Along the way, Davidson meets Ernest Hemingway and Carl Sandburg, survives an attack by nomads in Turkey, and learns her birth father is a world-famous scientist. And throughout, there is the thread of music, an ebb and a crescendo of a journey out of the past and into the present, through darkness and into the light.

Order your copy of Let Your Heart Be Broken here!

TINA DAVIDSON, a highly regarded American composer, creates music that stands out for its emotional depth and lyrical dignity.  Lauded for her authentic voice, the New York Times praised her “vivid ear for harmony and colors.”  Philadelphia Inquirer writes that she composes “real music, with structure, mood, novelty and harmonic sophistication – with haunting melodies that grow out of complex, repetitive rhythms.”

Over her forty-five-year career, she has been commissioned and performed by well-known ensembles such as National Symphony Orchestra, The Philadelphia Orchestra, American Composers Orchestra, OperaDelaware, VocalEssence, Kronos Quartet, Cassatt Quartet and Grammy award winner, Hilary Hahn. 

Long-term residencies play a major role in Davidson’s career. She was composer-in-residence as part of the innovative Meet The Composer “New Residencies” and with the Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia.  Championing composing in public schools, she created the city-wide Young Composers program to children how to write music through instrument building, improvisation, and graphic notation.

Tina Davidson was born in Stockholm, Sweden and grew up in Oneonta, NY and Pittsburgh, PA.  She currently resides in Lancaster PA.

Learn more about Tina here:

Praise for Let Your Heart Be Broken

“Rarely does a composer tie together life events and inner creative propulsion in a narrative that speaks directly to their audience. Ms. Davidson’s music is lyrical and vulnerable, as is her voice in words. Her book will allow listeners and musicians alike to build their own connections to Ms. Davidson’s work in all of its forms.” –Hilary Hahn, violinist and Grammy winner

“Let Your Heart Be Broken is a poignant telling of a life inextricably entwined in the art of making music. It is a rare peek into the inner workings of the mind and its desires, joys, and fears, and how that affects the process of wrestling notes onto a page; a memoir filled with the twists and turns of the soul, it is a rewarding read.”  –Jennifer Higdon, Pulitzer Prize composer

“Whether she is writing about the hauntings of childhood or the day-to-day practical work of a leading American composer, Tina Davidson writes with precision and poetry, bringing us into her remarkable life.”  –Tim Page, author and  former New York Times music critic

Listen to an exclusive Spotify playlist with music from the book here!


Happiest of release days to Michael Wohl, author of In Herschel’s Wake.

Nab your copy of In Herschel’s Wake here, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore!

Like father like son… Like it or not!

HERSCHEL WOHL WAS MANY THINGS: twice-divorced astrologer, pharmacology professor, failed novelist, on-the-lam drug-runner, manual typewriter thief, Aikido white belt, possible communist, and temporary resident of the little-known island of Statia. He was also a father.

When Herschel dies unexpectedly just before his 71st birthday, his adult son Michael has to travel four thousand miles and overcome four decades of filial resentment to pick up Herschel’s pieces. Along the way Michael must reconnect with a forgotten half-brother, reconcile with an overeducated, underachieving sister, and reckon with his ambivalence about religion.

With no modern funerary services available on the tiny island, the three estranged siblings are left to bury their enigmatic patriarch by themselves, and by hand. As one day stretches into three and they wonder if they’ll ever get the bastard in the ground, they are forced to confront their complicated relationships, not only with their charismatic but irresponsible father, but also—and perhaps more importantly—with each other.

In Herschel’s Wake is a darkly funny examination of faith, funerals, family, and f*cked up fathers, but most of all, it’s about forgiveness.

Book Release: STOP THE ROAD

Happy release day to Evans Paull, author of Stop the Road: Stories from the Trenches of Baltimore’s Road Wars. Stop the Road is an up-close-and-personal account of Baltimore’s 40-year battle over expressway plans. Meet the unsung heroes, a ragtag band of neighborhood activists, preservationists, and environmentalists who saved Baltimore from its own leadership, thereby protecting Baltimore’s historic waterfront communities of Federal Hill, Fell’s Point, and Canton. But that glorious and unlikely win must be tempered with the equally compelling but inglorious story behind the disastrous Highway to Nowhere. This is Baltimore unmasked and laid threadbare for the most momentous decisions since the building of the B&O Railroad.

Stop the Road is available worldwide! Click here to snag your copy, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

Stop the Road has already hit #1 bestseller status in THREE categories on Amazon, and reviewer feedback is pouring in:

“Paull’s surgical dissection of the 40-year battle produces a book that is essential for understanding today’s Baltimore.”

Antero Pietila, author, Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City

“It was people, not politicians, who stood up and saved Baltimore from the ravages of the East-West Expressway. Evans Paull has found many of these courageous people, the folks who resisted, persisted, and finally prevailed. He has made their ‘highway stories’ a compelling human history of the challenges that faced post-war urban America.” 

Mark Reutter, Senior Editor, Baltimore Brew

“If you think about the things that have really changed the face of Baltimore as we know it today, to me there is nothing more important than the road wars.”

C. William Struever, Baltimore developer and urban strategist


Happy publication day to Jamie Bowman, author of Bike Riding in Kabul: The Global Adventures of a Foreign Aid Practitioner.

Getting roughed up by Islamic fundamentalists, the weekly “feline sex-fest” in Kyiv, bribing Russian police to avoid jail in Moscow, sheltering under the sink (with the lizards) when the ammo dump exploded in Juba, automatic weapons training in Indiana, and that ill-fated morning bike ride in Kabul. It was a great job!

Bike Riding in Kabul follows the professional and personal adventures of international legal consultant Jamie Bowman, an attorney from California, as she endeavors to update the laws of Kosovo, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Moscow, Southern Sudan, Rwanda, and Afghanistan.

As seen through Ms. Bowman’s good humor and unique perspective, Bike Riding in Kabul moves with effortless charm through a fascinating array of personalities and events. It is full of exotic locations, difficult work challenges, strong female role models, and quirky characters, and explores a wide range of themes, including the important role of reform, endemic corruption, post-Cold War sentiments, and how other countries view the United States. Throughout the book, Jamie is supported by an Argentine boyfriend who helps her make sense of the crazy situations she finds herself in.

Fast-paced, funny, occasionally heartbreaking, but always wholly original, Bike Riding in Kabul captures the challenges of an American working overseas and is a story of finding the strength necessary to do the right thing, even when the consequences may be personally damaging.

Bike Riding in Kabul is available worldwide at Amazon (currently the #1 new release in foreign and international law!) and all major retailers as a paperback and e-book. (We recommend ordering it from your favorite local bookstore!)


“Bowman thoughtfully recounts her experiences in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Bangladesh, among others, furnishing perceptive commentary on the various cultures and histories of these nations ravaged by war and impoverishment. She writes with great lucidity and a breezy, anecdotal charm and harbors no idealistic pretensions about the work she does, however important… A splendid and intelligent recollection of an eventful law career.” 
—Kirkus reviews 

“In Bike Riding in KabulJamie Bowman takes the reader on an even wilder ride where only the bravest travelers would venture. From an explosive assignment in turbulent South Sudan to a narrow escape from an anti-American mob in Bangladesh, to life in a shipping container in terrorist-plagued Kabul with an irrepressible Argentinian boyfriend, her global odyssey is a page turner that lays bare the real life of a resolute and resourceful foreign aid practitioner.” 
—Olivia Ward, East-West News Service 

“…Bike Riding in Kabul is a thing apart. It is a beautifully written account of a lawyer’s determination to provide authentic, quality advice to fledgling democracies grappling with legal frameworks in post-conflict settings. The book is one part history and one part development—its stories told with large doses humor and personal reflection. 

Bike Riding in Kabul enjoys high scores for its nuanced presentation of large pol- icy issues, but just as importantly for its precise depiction of all the little musings that make up an aid advisor’s experience. Cringy colleagues, neglected locals, and misgivings about the brash assumptions of a superpower all feature in the book. It now belongs on my special shelf, the one reserved forbooks that really plumb the depths of memoir while surfacing the larger issues of international policy.” 

—Kimberley Wilson, Sr. Lecturer, International Business and Human Security, The Fletcher School, Tufts University 

“Bike Riding in Kabul…is a unique take on the travel memoir genre… Unlike many [other] travel memoirs, there is a heavy focus on helping others through the author’s travels instead of personal enlightenment. Of course, there were enlightening moments for Bowman as she learns about the world outside of the United States, but that wasn’t the focal point. It was a nice change and made me feel like I wasn’t reading the same stories from memoirs past. 

Bike Riding in Kabul by Jamie Bowman was a delightful read…that I highly recommend. If you’re looking for a unique travel memoir or just a profound story, then this is a book you must pick up. 

—Thomas Anderson, Editor In Chief, Literary Titan 

Jamie Bowman’s Bike Riding in Kabul is the story of an intrepid, courageous, and endlessly adventurous Western rule of law advisor. She contributes her unrelenting best in confusing and often dangerous settings to support strengthening or rebuilding societies edging themselves away from political earthquakes, war, and conflict.

Bowman, unlike the odd author who tries to describe this kind of work with technical descriptions, introduces us to the complexity of her work and how to succeed in navigating the world of both inspired and cynical consultants, international agencies, and the endless cast of heroes and villains in the countries she has served. In doing so, she lays her own life bare and reveals in compel- ling vignettes how her patience, resilience, empathy, and respect for the people she is really there to serve help to overcome her misgivings, to push for what is right and to preserve her optimism.

This is a wholly human story with many les- sons for those interested in what happens on the front lines of the development and post-conflict work our countries sponsor, as well as for those of us directly involved in the same kind of efforts. A book that has been a long time in coming. 

—William (Bill) Loris, Founder and Executive Director Emeritus, Rule of Law for Development Program, Loyola University Chicago School of Law; Co-Founder and former Director General, International Development Law Organization, Rome

Book Release: DARKWATER

Happy publication day to Michael J. Sholtes, author of Darkwater: A Pastor’s Memoir of Depression and Faith.

There is a voice in Michael’s head.

A voice that tells him he is worthless and unlovable. The voice masquerades as his own, wreaking havoc on his friendships and romantic relationships. It keeps him from pursuing his calling—a career as a pastor. It tears his life apart piece by piece, leading him to attempt suicide on more than one occasion. The voice almost defeats him, and yet there is another, more powerful voice—the still, small voice of God always whispering to him, “I love you.”

This is the true story of Michael’s journey from a precocious child in a small town to the spiritual leader of a faith community, and how he slowly and fitfully learns how to listen to the better angels within. Told with brutal honesty and insight into his own mental condition, this is a story of friendship, depression, despair, faith, and a God who refuses to let go.

Darkwater is available worldwide at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all major retailers as a paperback and e-book. (We recommend ordering it from your favorite local bookstore!)

Praise for Darkwater

“Take a risk and walk alongside Michael as he struggles with devastating self-messages, as he climbs a tree with a noose in his hand and gathers courage to become vulnerable again and again. It is estimated that in the United States, two thirds of all cases of depression are undiagnosed. Michael and all those with the courage to tell their stories are beginning to reduce this number.”

—Deacon Terry Lieb, National Board-Certified Counselor, Licensed PA Mental Health Counselor, Retired Executive Director, Diakon Family Life Services

“Pastor Scholtes has captured the voice of depression, a major mental disorder, through the richness of his metaphors, poetry, and personal narra-tive—a narrative that took courage to write. Anyone who wants to under-stand what depression is like needs to read this book, including pastors and laypersons alike. Through his journey, which is clearly rooted in a deep spiritual struggle, he tells us several crucial things about the illness. First, the negative impact of stigma. He captures elegantly how stigma, the fear of letting others know, compounds the illness leading to isolation. Second, the importance of support. The last thing someone needs is to be abandoned, to fend for oneself. Family, friends, the church family all have an important role in healing. Third, the importance of treatment. Treatment, which does not always “cure” completely, provides an important pathway for hope, a way to manage the dark voices of depression. Finally, even devout religious persons are not immune to mental disorders, and spiritual guidance can be an effective tool toward healing. I highly recommend this book.”

—Dennis E. Schell, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology, The George Washington University

“Get ready. Darkwater is Michael Scholtes’ authentic, meticulous, and intimate account of his unrelenting confrontation with depression. We get to follow this confrontation from his childhood to middle-age. Michael pulls back the curtain so we see him—son of a minister, floundering adolescent, bright student, restless pastor—stripped of pretension… Darkwater is Michael’s attempt to be honest with the world, with God, and with those in his life. When you put the book down, what makes it a satisfying read is not a happy ending, but the realization that what makes Michael strong against the depression is that he lays claim to and has learned to value the humanity, the honesty, the stubbornness, the pain, the will to persevere, the guilt, and the love that always came his way. It’s clear: while it came at a price, the renewal of his life journey is real.”

—Rev. Dr. Samuel R. Zeiser, Bishop Emeritus, Northeastern PA Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

“Michael Scholtes has given us a gift through this poignant memoir of one pastor’s journey with depression. His writing is evocative, raw, creative, and poetic. If you suffer from depression, his story may give voice to your own struggles. If you want to understand what it looks like to live with depression, Scholtes has opened the door to his soul and invites you inside. Wading into Darkwater will reveal a depth of reflection, faith, and honesty that is rare and needed for those wanting to understand the inner world of mental illness.”

—Rev. Dr. Leah Schade, Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship, Lexington Theological Seminary

Darkwater artfully captures the reality of an individual living with a mental illness.  Scholtes masterfully highlights the delicate balance that occurs at the intersection of his faith, mental health, and mental illness.  In a society where individuals battling mental illnesses are shunned and highly misunderstood, Scholtes shows great courage in sharing the true nature of his internal struggles. The book captured my curiosity and drew me in with the author’s relatable style and coming-of-age authenticity.  Entertaining and stimulating from cover to cover!”

—F. Dave Williams, licensed clinical social worker

About the Author

Reverend Michael J. Scholtes is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He has served as pastor of several congregations in eastern Pennsylvania. Michael currently lives in the Lehigh Valley with his wife Heather and children Alex and Ben.


Happy publication day to John Wiley, author of Eddy Johnson, Book Dealer.

DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS, A RARE BOOK IS STOLEN from wealthy Austin mayoral candidate Big Frank Miller, and Eddy Johnson—a local small-time book dealer—is hired to get it back. Eddy’s glad to have the work. He’s flat broke and desperately needs the money. But just as he thinks his luck is changing, he gets swept up in a perfect storm of corrupt politicians, dirty cops, and rival book wholesalers. Everyone thinks Eddy is expendable. He’s doing what he can to prove them wrong.

“A clever and entertaining hard-boiled detective spoof… refreshing and fun.”

Lone Star Literary Life

Move over Sam Spade. There a new hero in town. His name is Eddy. Eddy Johnson. Book Dealer. The slickest new character in pulp fiction dealing in Modern American Literature.
Who knew there was so much drama and intrigue in the world of used books?

This was an exciting, fast paced, joy of a read. Be sure to pick up a copy from your favorite dealer of books. Just make sure to keep an eye out for any shenanigans when closing the deal. 

Amazon reviewer

Excerpt from Eddy Johnson, Book Dealer

Before heading back to my room, I decide to drop by the Dusty Jacket for a couple drinks. It’s kind of become my go-to spot since my truck blew up. I park out front and go in. The place is more lively than usual. I feel lucky to find a place at the bar, and quickly go sit there.

“Bunch of librarians in town for a convention,” Jack says, putting a Shiner Bock in front of me.

Librarians, I think. Cheerfully defacing books for centuries.

Eddy Johnson, Book Dealer is available worldwide as a paperback and e-book. Find it wherever books are sold (we recommend asking your local book dealer to get you a copy!).

Audiobook Release: LIES IN BONE

Today is the official release of the audiobook version of LIES IN BONE by Natalie Symons! Natalie partnered with renowned voice actor Tawny Platis to bring this award-winning novel to life for listeners worldwide. Find the audiobook version of LIES IN BONE on Amazon here, or download it from any major audiobook retailer.

We’re so incredibly proud to have Lies in Bone in our catalog of titles. Released less than six months ago, Lies in Bone has already won awards, accumulated over 250 Amazon and Goodreads reviews, garnered media praise, and generated a cult following of readers. Natalie has worked so hard to market this book, and we can’t wait to see her book be exposed to a new subsect of book-lovers with the release of the audiobook version.

If you believe in something don’t take no for an answer, and always do what your gut tells you. IN MY CASE: publish with a small independent press that believes in the book; then work your tail off to market the book so it reaches readers and reviewers

–Natalie Symons

WINNER: 2021 BEST BOOK AWARDS in Fiction: Cross-Genre
FINALIST: 2021 BEST BOOK AWARDS in Fiction: Literary
TOP 10 BOOKS OF 2021: Reading Untamed

Told by a tart-tongued young woman with a love of Bruce Springsteen, Lies in Bone is at once a mystery and coming-of-age tale fueled by dark secrets involving love, murder, and the truths worth lying for.

On Halloween 1963, eleven-year-old Chuck Coolidge and his brother Danny are lost in a toxic smog covering the steel town of Slippery Elm, Pennsylvania. When the smog lifts, half the town is sick and twenty people are dead. And Danny is missing.

Now, over twenty years later, Chuck’s teenage daughter Frank plots escape from this “busted and disgusted” town. When a murdered child is found in the river, investigators link the crime to the disappearance of Danny in ’63, and Frank’s life is turned upside down. In the face of her worst fears, she must uncover her family’s dark past if she wants to keep her sister Boots from the hands of The State. Led to discover the unimaginable truth about Danny’s disappearance, Lies in Bone culminates in a shocking eleventh-hour reveal and an emotionally charged finale.

Learn more about Natalie on her website here: