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Publishing Spotlight — Maman

Every culture has its own term of endearment for the comforter, the matriarch, the bedrockMaman_Cover at the center of the family. In Persian, that word is Maman.

Maman is a touching tribute to the author’s mother. This book weaves the life story of a Jewish-Iranian woman whose identity is fiercely bound to her family, her country and her faith. Married at a very young age, Maman raised seven children in the midst of poverty and the chaos of political upheaval in Iran. Her unfailing faith in God and her love for her homeland gave her strength to provide the best memories for her family, even during difficult times.

Maman provides a powerful perspective on motherhood—the reserves of faith that cannot be quelled with tragedy, the bonds of family that cannot be broken by distance, and the love of one’s home that cannot be extinguished by hatred.

Find Maman here in paperback or e-book format, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore. 

Reader and reviewer praise for Maman:

“I found Maman to be interesting and educational. The author maintained a comfortable style which made the story a relaxing but fascinating read. I found the story to be especially relevant given today’s political climate.”

“I think this would be a great introduction to Persian Jewish culture for middle and high school students. Persian Jewish culture and religion is a difficult niche in which to create a reading audience, but Niknam has offered an encouraging view of the challenges and their resolution through emigration or aliyah.”

Maman was vetted from a pool of other submissions before being accepted for publication by Boyle & Dalton. As with all Boyle & Dalton books, Maman underwent a rigorous production process identical to that of a traditional publisher.

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