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Publishing Spotlight — Dealing with This Thing Called Life

Ebook_Cover_SumlinChristopher Michael Sumlin’s inspiration is contagious. He finds life lessons in trials, in moments of stress and anxiety, and in those happy moments that many of us take for granted.

While encouraging his friends and colleagues, Chris discovered a hole in the market where self-help books for young people should be. Determined to create a tool to help his peers, Chris wrote Dealing with This Thing Called Life. Through relatable anecdotes from his own life, Chris encourages, entertains, and motivates men and women alike to bust negative thinking and persevere toward greatness instead.

Find a copy of Dealing with This Thing Called Life here, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

…before you know it you feel like you are with the author at a coffee shop listening to his stories. I am encouraged, empowered, and motivated by this book… I was able to finish it in one sitting, but I know I will be able to refer back to it to remind me of the pearls of wisdom found in his book.

–Patricia de Souza, Professor, Claflin University

Dealing with This Thing Called Life was released by Boyle & Dalton in spring of 2016. Like all Boyle & Dalton books, Dealing with This Thing Called Life was vetted for quality prior to acceptance. Upon its inclusion, our team of editors and designers worked on every facet of Chris’ book, using the same processes as “Big Five” publishers. The result is a professionally produced book that will continue to inspire young people for generations.

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