BOOK RELEASE: The Clearing

Happy pub day to Cassandra J. Kelly! The Clearing is available today at all major retailers as a paperback, hardback, and e-book. Ask for it at your favorite local bookstore, or support local and order it through here.

About The Clearing

Set in rural Ohio, The Clearing tells the story of twelve-year-old Sadie Watkins, whose world is being uprooted by her mother’s disease: a severe form of multiple sclerosis.

As Sadie faces the impending grief of losing her mother, she also feels the fading of her childhood and longs for her imagination to return. She seeks solace in the woods behind her house, where she processes her overwhelming home life through traditional Appalachian herbology, pressing and cataloging flowers and plants like a budding scientist.

When Sadie meets Cali, a barefoot wild child who seems to come from nowhere, the two become instant friends. Cali re-introduces Sadie to the wonders of the forest and gives her the courage she needs to face the future—the one without her mom.

This novel intertwines grief, love, nature, and wonder. It also acts as a time capsule of the Healthcare Crisis in the early 2000s, and the many American families like Sadie’s who had to make great sacrifices when illness struck.

About Cassandra J. Kelly

Cassandra J. Kelly holds degrees in journalism and environmental science from Ohio University. She continues to call Ohio home and loves spending time in nature with her Australian Shepherds, Bonnie and Eva. The Clearing is her debut novel. Learn more about her and her most recent work at