We’re delighted to release Pocket Dog by Jim Garland today. This is one of our most anticipated books of 2023, and it’s a pleasure to share it with the world!

Pocket Dog is available as a paperback, hardback, and e-book wherever books are sold. Find it here, or ask for it at your favorite local bookstore!

Pocket Dog is a smart, upmarket rom-com about Ollie Allyinphree, a hapless and perpetually single (if charmingly nerdy) research librarian in Boston. When Ollie comes into a sizeable fortune, he begins to receive marriage proposals from women all over the world. One relationship after another falls through until, with the help of a long-lost twin brother and a mysterious tiny rescue dog, Ollie learns how to overcome his passivity and take the risks that lead him to find and name what he truly wants.

Pocket Dog explores themes of taking risks in relationships and decision-making, the limits of knowledge and logic, and the meaning of love.


“… extremely clever, deft, learned, really funny in many places, but above all has a deep sense of tenderness and heart that to my mind carries the day.” — Frank Huyler, author of White Hot Light, The Blood of Strangers, The Right of Thirst

“… an original and stunning tour de force, laughing out loud more times than I can count…the wit, the satire of contemporary culture, the detailed knowledge…” — Minrose Gwin, author of The Accidentals and Promise, plus many non-fiction books and essays.

“… probably the best novel ever written, and I’m not just saying that.” — Mrs. Marcelle Garland, the author’s mother


Jim Garland grew up in Kansas City and graduated from Princeton (AB) and Cornell (PhD). He was professor of physics and executive dean of arts and sciences at Ohio State and for ten years president of Miami U. of Ohio. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Jim is the author of more than a hundred scientific papers, essays, and opinion pieces. His humorous debut novel, Pocket Dog, started life as a classroom exercise in a course he audited at Ohio State. His 2010 non-fiction tome, Saving Alma Mater (U of Chicago Press), has been described as hilariously unfunny.

Jim lives and writes in Santa Fe, on a hundred cactus-ridden acres, accompanied by three dogs, six chickens, a very tolerant spouse, and a courtyard bull snake named Beatrice.

Learn more about Jim at his website: