Book Release – Haldred Chronicles: Alyssa

Congratulations to JG Cully on the release of their new book, Haldred Chronicles: Alyssa!

“They may slay my mortal body, but I am not so easily defeated. Time is on my side, and I will spend it well.”

Alyssa is the last vampire, changed by Igor Regorash himself before his permanent death. With this transformation comes power, but also a terrible loneliness that makes Alyssa long to be human again.

Victoria Haldred is a Council of Peace investigator, charged with maintaining order in a post-war world. Her days are spent combatting murder, assassination, bombings, and blackmail, not to mention dirty politics and double-dealing.

When a local drunk comes down with a bad case of dead, Alyssa and Victoria are set on a collision course that will change their lives (undead as Alyssa’s may be) forever. A dark entity becomes dangerously fixated on the two women. With no one to trust, and an inescapable power looming, Alyssa and Victoria must combine their strengths if they hope to survive a world turned sinister.

Order your copy of Haldred Chronicles: Alyssa today! Don’t forget to leave an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads when you’re finished.

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