Happy publication day to John Wiley, author of Eddy Johnson, Book Dealer.

DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS, A RARE BOOK IS STOLEN from wealthy Austin mayoral candidate Big Frank Miller, and Eddy Johnson—a local small-time book dealer—is hired to get it back. Eddy’s glad to have the work. He’s flat broke and desperately needs the money. But just as he thinks his luck is changing, he gets swept up in a perfect storm of corrupt politicians, dirty cops, and rival book wholesalers. Everyone thinks Eddy is expendable. He’s doing what he can to prove them wrong.

“A clever and entertaining hard-boiled detective spoof… refreshing and fun.”

Lone Star Literary Life

Move over Sam Spade. There a new hero in town. His name is Eddy. Eddy Johnson. Book Dealer. The slickest new character in pulp fiction dealing in Modern American Literature.
Who knew there was so much drama and intrigue in the world of used books?

This was an exciting, fast paced, joy of a read. Be sure to pick up a copy from your favorite dealer of books. Just make sure to keep an eye out for any shenanigans when closing the deal. 

Amazon reviewer

Excerpt from Eddy Johnson, Book Dealer

Before heading back to my room, I decide to drop by the Dusty Jacket for a couple drinks. It’s kind of become my go-to spot since my truck blew up. I park out front and go in. The place is more lively than usual. I feel lucky to find a place at the bar, and quickly go sit there.

“Bunch of librarians in town for a convention,” Jack says, putting a Shiner Bock in front of me.

Librarians, I think. Cheerfully defacing books for centuries.

Eddy Johnson, Book Dealer is available worldwide as a paperback and e-book. Find it wherever books are sold (we recommend asking your local book dealer to get you a copy!).