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Rose Ann Kalister Brings Her Rich, Vibrant Heritage to Life on the Page

Sister of Saidnaya captures the story of a girl who immigrates to America from Syria with her parents in the 1920s.  The saga chronicles her challenges to assimilate as a young woman, and her challenge to preserve her heritage with her children as she grows older.

While it’s a fictional account, Rose Ann Kalister, the author, modeled the story after her own family, and their experience growing up in the Ohio Valley.

“I grew up being asked ‘What are you?’” Kalister explained. “When I gave up trying to explain, I took the questioner to my home. Mother hugged my friend, put sweets in front of her, and asked where her family was from.”  Kalister’s book answers the same question with a rich, compelling, dynamic story of life in America in the 20th century.

Much of Kalister’s research came from her family, including her brother Charlie. “Many readers said they knew little about Syrian people even though there were Mediterranean people in their community.”  By combining her rich cultural heritage with her gifts as a storyteller, Kalister wove a story that illuminated a culture that is relatively unknown, despite frequent mentions in the media.

Kalister is an award-winning playwright, and her experience shines through the page with skillful, poignant dialog that brings her scenes to life. Kalister said that the reactions to her book have been tremendously positive and enthusiastic. And her online reviews agree.

She credits the excellent reception to the book in part to the production team of her publisher, Boyle & Dalton. “Before Brad Pauquette’s developmental edits, my improvements had stalled and I didn’t know why,” Kalister explained of her writing process.  “Pauquette’s thoroughness, clarity, problem solving, and honesty in the second edit helped me apply my narrative and dramatic skills. Emily Hitchcock’s understanding and suggestions were no small part of the production process.”

And as for Rose Ann’s reaction when she first held her book in her hands—“Incredulous, relieved, and happy.”

Sister of Saidnaya is available from all major retailers in print and digital formats.  Find it on Amazon here, or Barnes & Noble, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

Cover Release: French Leave by Francois Bartram

French Leave by Francois Bartram

French Leave, a cozy mystery, is due for release this summer!

First Claire finds cryptic messages written in a foreign language she doesn’t recognize.  Then a mysterious package arrives. When her estranged French aunt shows up on her doorstep only to suddenly disappear again, Claire’s world begins to dissolve.

Amidst her self-obsessed boss, a mysterious oil tycoon, nosy neighbors, and an active police investigation, something strange is happening in town and Claire is stuck in the middle of it.

Here’s what some of our advance readers had to say:

“French Leave builds an original plot filled with twists and turns and laugh-out-loud humor. A good read that I highly recommend.”
– Rosalie Linver Ungar, Author of In a Heartbeat

 “A maelstrom of twists, turns, and surprises that leave the reader (and Claire, the heroine) guessing until the end…a must-read.”
– Rose Ann Kalister, Author of Sister of Saidnaya

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Correcting the Publishing Imbalance

The influence that traditional publishers hold now far outweighs their power. It’s time to correct that imbalance, and restore the publishing relationship to a symbiotic author-publisher collaboration.

Not long ago, big publishers controlled assets that you needed. That’s why they got to be the gatekeepers to the world of publishing, and writers groveled for whatever scraps they might offer us.

But with the advent of digital technology, you don’t need a big publisher in order to gain access to markets and retailers. You don’t need a publisher’s big capital to print your book.

You can get your book out to retailers without them.  You don’t need their connections, you don’t need their logistics or warehouses, and you can market your own book (which, frankly, they would expect you to do anyway). With e-books and print-on-demand technology, the success of your book is not based on your financial ability to print thousands of copies up front.

Their power is gone. So why do we still tolerate their influence?

The power of the Big-5 publishing companies remains only as long as we collectively, voluntarily give them this undue deference.

So let’s stop, let’s correct the imbalance.

But that doesn’t mean that we should throw out the system entirely. The publishing process was carefully honed over decades, centuries even, to produce the best, most marketable books with the most precise and efficient application of energy. Your book needs that.

Your book still needs to be well written. Your book still needs to be well produced.

And that’s the vision that Boyle & Dalton was built upon.  Let’s correct the imbalance without reacting and rejecting all of the things we’ve learned.

We vet manuscripts for quality before we accept them for publication. And then we ask the author to contribute to the cost of producing the book.

In a traditional arrangement, as long as the publisher is fronting all of the money, they carry all the risk and once again sit in a position of power to dictate to authors what will and won’t be successful.  It is the publisher’s prerogative to only accept what fits their narrow profitability landscape, and to tell everyone else to go pound sand.

You want to contribute to the cost of the production of your book, not just because you’ll increase your royalty rate by 10x, but because it equalizes the power structure. It restores the author-publisher arrangement to a symbiotic relationship of collaboration, rather than an employer/employee relationship.

By correcting the financial imbalance, we can form a true relationship with our author as equal partners.

You have this manuscript that is good. We have these skills which will catapult your manuscript to achieve its maximum potential. We’re both taking a financial risk, and we’re both invested in the success of this manuscript. That makes sense, right?

And that’s how hybrid publishing with Boyle & Dalton works. And that’s how we can pay royalty rates that are 10x the industry standard rate.  And that’s how books like The Black Lens win Writers’ Digest annual grand prize.

We’re building the future of publishing. We’re building a new world, without forgetting the lessons we learned in the old one.

Today, we’re looking for new authors to partner with. If you have a manuscript, let’s start a conversation.

Photo by Murray Barnes – used with permission (Creative Commons)

The Adventures of Annie and Ellie-Belly by Shirley Swindle – Now Available Worldwide

The Adventures of Annie & Ellie-BellyThe Adventures of Annie and Ellie-Belly is now available in print and digital editions from retailers worldwide.

Find it on here or Amazon here, or ask/search for it at your favorite retailer, online or in store.

Based on true events, this touching story of two young girls living through the Great Depression, making their own fun out of nothing, will warm your heart.

The Adventures of Annie and Ellie-Belly on AmazonThe Adventures of Annie and Ellie-Belly on Barnes and NobleThe Adventures of Annie and Ellie-Belly on iTunesThe Adventures of Annie and Ellie-Belly on Kobo

Shirley Swindle is a retired educator, and brought her love of story to the page with this delightful historical narrative.  The book is based on true stories Shirley was told by her mother.

“The Adventures of Annie and Ellie-Belly is the kind of book you want to tell people about,” Emily Hitchcock, COO of Boyle & Dalton, said. “I’m excited that today is the day this fantastic book is available for readers to enjoy.”

Grab your copy of the book today, and don’t forget to support independent literature by leaving a review.

Boyle & Dalton is actively seeking excellent manuscripts for publication. Writers and agents can learn more here.

Coming Soon from Boyle & Dalton – Summer 2018

We’re anticipating the release of these five titles over the coming summer months.  Look for additional details and covers to be released soon!

The Adventures of Annie & Ellie-BellyThe Adventures of Annie & Ellie-Belly
Shirley Swindle
May 30, 2018

Sticky drinking glasses full of stolen sugar.
Blueberries plunking into tin buckets.
A disastrous recipe to cure freckles.

While their family follows work from country tobacco fields to city mills, Annie and Ellie chase adventure and always find mischief. Even as their family struggles through the Great Depression, these two young sisters show us that imagination, spunk, and a little faith will guide us through any trouble we may find.

Out of Chaos
Elle Mott
August, 2018

The harrowing true-story of the author’s descent into a life of crime, and her rise from homelessness to stability. Look for additional details soon.


French Leave
Francoise Bartram
Release date to be determined.

When Claire’s long-lost French relatives show up on her doorstep under mysterious circumstances, she finds herself ensnared in a plot with international implications. A cozy mystery. Look for additional details soon.


Human World
Daniel Amedee
Release date to be determined.

Seven strangers find themselves alone in a mysterious world of white cliffs. Together, they must piece together the origins and demise of the Earth they’ve left behind, and for what intent they’ve been imprisoned. Science fiction/metaphysical. Look for additional details soon.


Elmer’s Tribal War
Richard Alumbaugh
Release date to be determined.

A true-crime account of Elmer McGinnis and Patrick Hoffman’s trial for the deaths of two tribal police officers in Washington. Twisted loyalties, circumstantial evidence and suspicious practices of the Bureau of Indian Affairs litter this engaging, well-researched manuscript. Look for additional details soon.

COVER REVEAL: The Adventures of Annie & Ellie-Belly

The Adventures of Annie & Ellie-Belly

Sticky drinking glasses full of stolen sugar.
Blueberries plunking into tin buckets.
A disastrous recipe to cure freckles.
While their family follows work from country tobacco fields to city mills, Annie and Ellie chase adventure and always find mischief.  Even as their family struggles through the Great Depression, these two young sisters show us that imagination, spunk, and a little faith will guide us through any trouble we may find.
The Adventures of Annie and Ellie-Belly by Shirley Swindle will be available from all major markets in print and digital editions on May 30.

How Hybrid Publishing Works — A Better Way to Publish

Boyle & Dalton is a hybrid publisher. We partner with the author for the publication of the book, and the author shares in the production cost of the book.

Our unique approach combines the economic advantages of self-publishing with the quality standards of traditional publishing.

This means that while our authors pay for some of the cost of their books up front, we pay a royalty rate that is 1,000% (that’s 10x) the industry standard royalty rate.

We also vet books for quality and insist that every book undergo a rigorous, professional production process, which is identical to the process a book would undergo if published through a traditional publisher.

Because the author shares in the cost, it reduces our risk, which means that we can look solely at quality when evaluating manuscripts, and take risks on projects that might be passed over by traditional publishing houses for reasons other than the quality of the writing.

And because the author is contributing to the production cost, we give them full creative control of the project, ensuring that the final product is consistent with their artistic vision, but produced to the quality standards of our expert production staff.

Traditional publishing is outdated and slow to adapt. It’s producing poor books for the wrong reasons and letting great books slip away unpublished. And self-publishing is too risky for some authors. There are too many variables and in so many cases, the production quality suffers.

Hybrid publishing is a win-win.  We’ve captured all of the benefits of self-publishing, but maintained the quality and production standards of traditional publishing.  Authors retain the creative control they would have if they self-published, but with the support structure and quality assurance of traditional publishing.

This system has worked well for our authors. Writers like Chris Sumlin, Christopher Stollar and Joseph Downing have proven that it not only works, but the sky is the limit.

We are looking for more great manuscripts. If you have a quality manuscript that isn’t getting the attention it deserves from agents and traditional publishers, let’s start a conversation.

This is the future of publishing.  Let’s create something beautiful together.

Chris Sumlin – Preparing First-Generation College Students

Christopher Sumlin AuthorChris Sumlin isn’t waiting for an invitation to step into greatness.

At only 24 years old, Chris Sumlin is the published author of two books, Dealing with This Thing Called Life and Dealing with This Thing Called College. Both books are published by Boyle & Dalton.

Dealing with This Thing Called College was released in February of this year, and has already garnered Sumlin a slew of earned media opportunities, in print and on television.

“As much as I felt excitement when I held my book for the first time, I also felt responsibility,” Sumlin explained. “I knew that this book was a charge for me to become more confident, believe in myself and try to sell my book to anyone who would listen.”

And people are listening. The book, still in the early stages of its marketing lifetime, is collecting 5-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. The reviews are littered with comments like “Excellent insights,” “I couldn’t put it down,” and “This book is phenomenal.”

Coming from a low-income background in Columbus, Ohio, Sumlin was told not to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. It was too expensive and he wouldn’t make it. But he did attend, and he not only earned his degree, but has gone on to graduate studies at Boston University. It’s important to him to share what he’s learned with other first-generation college students who might be intimidated.

Dealing with This Thing Called College by Chris Sumlin“We don’t prepare students for college like we think we do. There is a lot to learn about college,” he told me. “I hope my readers will understand that I’m no different than them and that they can truly do anything they put their minds to.”

When it comes to publishing his books, Sumlin explained that he loved the opportunity to work with professional editors and production staff to improve his craft. His storytelling technique has evolved considerably from his first book to his second. “I enjoyed getting criticisms from my publisher about character development,” he said. “The critiques help me grow so much as a writer. “

Chris Sumlin’s dream is to step into a prominent role in the television industry, and he’s on the right track to make that happen. He’s already interned for both FOX and BET, and his recent TV appearances prove that he has what it takes to engage an audience. Like one of his role models, Dr. Brene Brown, he’s not afraid to be vulnerable and speak the truth.

So what happens next? According to Chris, “I hope to just keep growing, keep perfecting and getting better as a storyteller.”

In the meantime, Chris’s wisdom is on the shelf, waiting for young readers. Dealing with This Thing Called Life and Dealing with This Thing Called College are both available from major bookstores worldwide, in print and digital editions.

As we submerge ourselves in high school graduation season, Dealing with this Thing Called College is the perfect graduation gift. Your graduate will enjoy reading it, and hopefully they’ll avoid some of the (often humorous) antics Chris Sumlin wasn’t prepared for. Find it on Amazon here.

Learn more about Chris Sumlin on his website  Or find him on Twitter or Facebook.

Dealing with This Thing Called College by Christopher Sumlin – Now Available

Dealing with This Thing Called College by Chris SumlinChristopher Sumlin’s newest book, Dealing with This Thing Called College, is now available wherever books are sold!

Click the link of your favorite retailers, or ask for it at your local bookstore.  Print and digital editions are available from all major retailers.

Dealing with This Thing Called College on AmazonDealing with This Thing Called College on Barnes and NobleDealing with This Thing Called College on Kobo

Christopher Sumlin knew he was destined for greatness as he headed off to a historically black college hundreds of miles from home, but that didn’t help him thrive in his new independence.

Dealing with This Thing Called College is a heartfelt, sincere introduction to college for the nervous high school graduate. Chris artfully navigates the pitfalls of college life—from campus food to new friendships and even credit cards—with tested advice, earnest humor and straightforward wisdom. This easy-to-read, concise guide is written from the perspective of a recent college graduate.

The information is relatable, relevant and up to date.

Christopher Sumlin AuthorChris Sumlin is a graduate student at Boston University. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema, Television and Emerging Media Studies from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and has interned for both FOX and BET.

His first book, Dealing with This Thing Called Life (Boyle & Dalton, 2016), is available everywhere books are sold.

Learn more about Chris at

Boyle & Dalton seeks excellent manuscripts for publication. Writers and agents can learn more here.