An Inconvenient Herd


Fueled by idealism and curiosity, the herd follows a bike path into the big city, chasing a dream of a new way of life. The good-natured cattle make lots of friends, but life in town is complicated. They encounter religion, local politics, and manicured lawns.

Meanwhile, Farmer is frantically searching for the wayward cows, racing to save them from the perils of celebrity and the urban machine before it’s too late.

This book grabbed me immediately and took me on a terrific, laugh-filled ride! The author creates a world set just a little off the axis we are all familiar with and populates it with characters who feel like people we know, but are also just a little off. The dialog is smart and funny and the situation, while zany, is grounded in a reality and a message that is beautiful. Plus, now after reading this book, I want to hang out with cows!” -Amazon Reviewer

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