An Inconvenient Herd by John Wiley – Now Available Worldwide

John Wiley An Inconvenient HerdAn Inconvenient Herd by John Wiley is now available in print and digital editions from retailers worldwide.

As of release day, this book is an Amazon #1 New Release!

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Fueled by idealism and curiosity, the herd follows a bike path into the big city, chasing a dream of a new way of life. The good-natured cattle make lots of friends, but life in town is complicated. They encounter religion, local politics, and manicured lawns.

Meanwhile, Farmer is frantically searching for the wayward cows, racing to save them from the perils of celebrity and the urban machine before it’s too late.

John Wiley is a farmer and writer living in Central Ohio.  Learn more about him and An Inconvenient Herd on the official website:

Early reviewers have gushed over this laugh-out-loud book. With wit and a delicate hoof print, John not only tells an absurd but endearing bovine adventure, but tackles the shrinking family farm, the fragility of our food infrastructure, and the false security of urban living.

“John tells a story that will leave you smiling from cover to cover,” Brad Pauquette, CEO of Boyle & Dalton, said. “While John’s not afraid of the topics percolating beneath our food culture and infrastructure, the reader is free to dive below the surface with him, or take this witty bovine adventure as good carefree fun. That in itself is a magnificent feat.”

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