About Boyle & Dalton - Book Publisher

Boyle & Dalton publishes great books. Our carefully vetted catalog includes work of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. The world of publishing is changing, we're changing with it.

The Boyle & Dalton imprint was founded in 2014 as a quality-vetted imprint of Columbus Publishing Lab. We conceptualized a hybrid model that balanced the financial and rights model of self-publishing with the quality controls and production excellence of a traditional publisher, and Boyle & Dalton was born.

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Boyle & Dalton authors share in the cost of producing and marketing their book. Within our hybrid model, authors gain access to the infrastructure and resources of a traditional publisher, but retain the majority of the profits as if they had self-published.

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Working together with authors, we produce books that compete with their traditionally published counterparts, but we adapt to the realities of modern publishing and take advantage of the technologies available to us.

Our designers and editors produce exceptional books that are distributed in both print and digital formats to all major retailers, including Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Boyle & Dalton carefully considers all submissions for publication, based on manuscript quality. Boyle & Dalton does not acccept erotica or children's books.

We vet all submissions for quality, and only accept titles that will preserve the reputation of the Boyle & Dalton imprint.

All Boyle & Dalton books undergo a rigorous editing and production process, including developmental editing to ensure that your book is the best that it can be.

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Our Leadership

Our leadership has a history of producing exceptional materials. Boyle & Dalton CEO Emily Hitchcock has served the publishing industry with excellence and integrity throughout her entire professional career. In almost ten years in the publishing industry, she has produced award-winning and best-selling books and worked with first-time authors and seasoned writers alike. Emily is committed to caring for every author our press has the pleasure of publishing. She believes that our company is only successful when our authors are successful.

When you publish with Boyle & Dalton, you gain access to our undisputed expertise and commitment to excellence within the industry, which is pervasive in every aspect of our company.

Boyle & Dalton is a division of Columbus Publishing Lab. Boyle & Dalton was designed to provide a streamlined, turn-key publishing experience which vets for quality and enforces the highest standards of professional publication. When you publish with Boyle & Dalton, readers and retailers will expect quality from your book, and that's what they'll receive.

Submitting Work to Boyle & Dalton

We welcome submissions from new authors. Learn more about submissions, or read our Publishing Frequently Asked Questions.