Publishing Announcement: What If I Had a Father?

Boyle & Dalton is pleased to announce we will be publishing Mike Dean’s inspiring memoir, Boyle And DoltanWhat If I Had a Father? The Man I Never Knew. 

The book is slated for release on February 2, 2015. Upon release it will be available in paperback, hardback and e-book editions. Stay tuned for the upcoming cover release!

As with all Boyle & Dalton books, What If I Had a Father? was vetted for quality of content and marketability.  His book was selected from a pool of other submissions because of its exceptional potential to impact readers.  All books accepted by Boyle & Dalton undergo a complete production process, just as if they were accepted and published by a traditional publisher.

Learn more about Boyle & Dalton’s publication process here.

Dean talks about fatherlessness with honesty and purpose. He unflinchingly examines difficult aspects of his life with the clarity of acceptance and forgiveness. Sometimes heartbreaking, often inspiring, What If I Had a Father? is a powerful tool for those who are struggling to find meaningful leadership in their lives.

Mike Dean tells the story of his childhood with an open
heart, a questioning mind, a poetic spirit, and deep empathy and compassion for everyone he has encountered.

-Dorothy Stoneman, Founder and CEO, YouthBuild USA

More details involving the release, including a cover reveal, will be publicized as production continues.

Boyle & Dalton is currently accepting manuscripts for consideration. Find more information about our submission process here.

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