Publishing Announcement — Mons Graupius

CoverWe’re excited to announce the release of Mons Graupius by M.G. Anderson. This beautifully written tale follows Moira Fiorelli, an upper-middle class girl in post-war Edinburgh, who yearns to become a mountaineer — a bold choice at a time when there are very few women climbers. On her route to her summits she faces the ups and downs of romance, falling precipitously and disastrously for the most unsuitable man possible.

Find a copy of Mons Graupius here, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

Mons Graupius mixes eloquent prose, a spitfire snob of a female protagonist, and harrowing mountaineering adventures–all set in the summits of Scotland.

“A highly entertaining read. The beguiling shifts in the narrative … give the writing a distinctive voice, characterised by sustained wry humour which kept me chuckling from page to page. These are juxtaposed with lyrical descriptive passages which transport the reader to magical – sometimes nerve-tingling – sojourns in the high and wild places of the Scottish mountains and the Alps.”

– reviewer

Mons Graupius was vetted for quality before its acceptance as a Boyle & Dalton book.  All books accepted by Boyle & Dalton undergo a complete production process, just as if they were accepted and published by a big five publisher.

If you’re interested in becoming a Boyle & Dalton author, we invite you to learn more about our selection and publication process by clicking here.

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