PR: “What If I Had a Father?” National Release


Feb. 3, 2015

Boyle & Dalton Releases What If I Had a Father? by Mike Dean

Columbus, OH — Boyle & Dalton, a publisher of exceptional fiction and non-fiction, has released Mike Dean’s debut memoir: What If I Had a Father? The Man I Never Knew, to all major hardback, paperback and e-book markets.

Two people shape a child’s life: a mother and a father. Dean grew up in Columbus, Ohio with his mother but not his father. The one big question in his life was the root of nearly all of the decisions he made growing up — “What if I had a father?”

The absence of a father threw Dean into a statistical framework that has been proven to lead to a life wasted. By God’s grace, with some powerful relationships and the consistent guide of a national organization, he overcame those challenges. The biggest question of his life became a tool to fix his brokenness and live the life of abundant grace God intended.

Dorothy Stoneman, founder and CEO of YouthBuild USA, praises: “Mike Dean tells the story of his childhood with an open heart, a questioning mind, a poetic spirit, and deep empathy and compassion for everyone he has encountered.”

What If I Had a Father? is distributed in paperback and hardback form nationally, and is available for download on all major e-reader devices.

Boyle & Dalton is a hybrid publisher based in Columbus, Ohio. They vet all submissions for quality prior to publishing in order to uphold the high standard of the Boyle & Dalton brand.

For submission information, or to schedule a media interview, please contact Boyle & Dalton via email, or phone:

(614) 441-9777

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