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Publishing Announcement — A Package of Moods

We’re happy to announce the release of A Package of Moods by Adam Bassett. This debutapom_basset_ebook novel tells the stories of several strangers as their lives intertwine, bound together by a new medical breakthrough–mood patches.

What if you could be happy, affectionate, lustful, calm, alert or full of inspiration, just by applying a convenient adhesive patch to your skin? Royce Pharmaceuticals’ latest products are gaining popularity, but the true effects of the drugs remain masked by those who stand to gain the most.

Through its twists and turns, A Package of Moods will send you spiraling into a rabbit hole of emotions, both real and manufactured, always one step away from the truth the drug company wants you to avoid.

Get your copy of A Package of Moods here, or ask for it at your favorite book store.

A Package of Moods was vetted from a pool of other submissions before being accepted for publication by Boyle & Dalton. As with all Boyle & Dalton books, A Package of Moods underwent a rigorous production process identical to that of a traditional publisher.

Learn more about Boyle & Dalton’s publication process here.

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