About Boyle & Dalton - Book Publisher

Boyle & Dalton publishes great books. Our carefully vetted catalog includes work of fiction and non-fiction. The world of publishing is changing, we're changing with it.

Boyle & Dalton is a hybrid publisher, which means that authors share in the cost of producing and marketing their book. Within our hybrid model, authors gain access to the infrastructure and resources of a traditional publisher, but retain the majority of the profits as if they had self-published.

Authors who publish through a traditional publisher make on average 25-50 cents per book sold, and sacrifice 93% of profits to the publisher. When you publish through Boyle & Dalton, you take home 80% of all profits, which for most books amounts to $3-$8 per book sold. You also retain creative control of your project.

Working together with authors, we produce books that compete with their traditionally published counterparts, but we adapt to the realities of modern publishing and take advantage of the technologies available to us.

Our designers and editors produce exceptional books that are distributed in both print and digital formats to all major retailers, including Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Boyle & Dalton carefully considers all submissions for publication, based on manuscript quality. Boyle & Dalton does not acccept erotica or children's books.

We vet all submissions for quality, and only accept titles that will preserve the reputation of the Boyle & Dalton imprint.

All Boyle & Dalton books undergo a rigorous editing and production process, including developmental editing to ensure that your book is the best that it can be.

Columbus Publishing Lab

Boyle & Dalton is a division of Columbus Publishing Lab. We offer the same expert services and resources, but Boyle & Dalton is designed to be a simpler process, and we vet books for quality, whereas Columbus Publishing Lab provides publishing services to all regardless of merit.

Boyle & Dalton employs a rigid development and production system, which closely emulates an independent publisher, without exception. Clients who publish with Boyle & Dalton can trust that their book is receiving quality editing, design and production, just as if they were published through a traditional publisher. Since all manuscripts are vetted for quality prior to publishing, you can rest assured that your book will be among good company, and will be taken seriously by readers and retailers.

Our Leadership

Our leadership has a history of producing exceptional materials. Brad Pauquette, the CEO of our parent company, is also the owner of Columbus Press and the director of Columbus Creative Cooperative, both organizations known in the literary community for outstanding quality, financial accountability and integrity.

When you publish with Boyle & Dalton, you gain access to our undisputed expertise and commitment to excellence within the industry, which is pervasive in every aspect of our company. Together with Columbus Publishing Lab, Boyle & Dalton provides the best editing and design services available, and at fair, affordable prices.

Boyle & Dalton is a division of Columbus Publishing Lab. Boyle & Dalton was designed to provide a streamlined, turn-key publishing experience. When you publish with Boyle & Dalton, readers and retailers will expect quality from your book, and that's what they'll receive.

Our Process

All books accepted by Boyle & Dalton undergo a complete production process, just as if they were accepted and published by a traditional publisher.

Following acceptance, all books undergo a developmental editing process, whereby an editor qualified to critique your genre will provide feedback on your manuscript, and recommend ways for you to improve your work. This process will continue until the editor is satisfied with your work, and feels your manuscript is the best that it can be.

After you improve the manuscript with the editor's changes, your book will move into production. The manuscript will be carefully edited for errors, and standardized according to an appropriate style guide. With your input, we'll design the interior of the book and prepare your text printing.

We'll work together to develop a book cover that will represent your vision for the work and reinforce the quality and intended market for your book.

Once the production process is complete, your book will be printed and made available to all major retailers, in both print and digital formats.